• Fill out client information & client wavier forms.

  • If this is your first appointment with us, we ask for you to please arrive on time for a simple consultation.

  • Be sure that your natural lashes are squeaky clean.

  • No MAKEUP! Must have a clean fresh face.

  • Consider staying away from the caffeine before arriving to your lash appointment.

  • Use the restroom before laying down for the next few hours.

  • If you are wearing eye contacts, we ask for you to remove them before your appointment to avoid discomfort during lash appointment.


  • Bring your headphones, this is an easier way to answer your phone in case of emergencies and also be able to listen to your own music, but you may request what you would like to hear at our studio. 

  • No talking please. Talking during your lash appointment causes facial expressions and eyelids to move which slows down the application of extensions. We ask to keep all talking to a minimum. 


  • After your appointment, keep a minimum amount of water to your eyes for the next 12 - 24 hours.

  • Avoid rubbing your eye area roughly and prevent pulling on eyelash extensions.

  • Do not apply mascara to lash extensions! Do not tint, perm or use eyelash curler on lash extensions.

  • Wash your lashes to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into your lashes. Dry off lashes by dapping them with a towel. 

  • Keep a minimum amount of steam to your face.

  • Be cautious when wearing makeup, especially eye make up, it can break the bond of the glue. Be sure to wash your lashes with lash cleanser after wearing make up.

*if you would like to remove lash extensions, be sure to schedule an appointment with a professional